Ton Tuinier Membre du Group Executive Board

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Year of birth: 1960
Nationality: Dutch

Education and Experience

HEAO (school for higher education in economics and management) (economics/legal) and Academy of the Nederlandse Federatie van Belastingadviseurs (Dutch Federation of Tax Advisers).
Employed with Mazars Paardekooper Hoffman. Belastingadviseurs in Amsterdam since 1 September 1981.
Appointed partner of this firm in 1996.
Member of the Executive Board, responsible for Tax.
IL Tax Leader Mazars international.
Chairman Praxity AISBL (alliance of independant accountants organisations) Tax Europe.
Vice-chairman Praxity AISBL Tax International.

General client experience

Responsible for many corporate and international tax assignments.
Extensive experience in the field of services to enterprises in the financial sector (insurance, brokers, trust), other services, oil and gas as well as trade.

Specialist experience

Corporate and international fiscal/legal activities in the field of corporation tax.
Specific expertise in the field of transfer pricing, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring processes and due diligence studies.

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