Ilias Zafeiropoulos Partner

Ilia Zafeiropoulos

Ilias Zafeiropoulos is a Greek Certified Public Accountant with over 22 years of experience. He develops the banking sector practice and the Project Finance Services and he is also serving as member in Mazars Global Financial Advisory Services. He holds certifications of CIA, CICA, CRMA, MBA, ACCA.

He has provided transaction consultancy mergers, forensic audit, strategy planning, valuation, and business restructuring plans.  He is a litigation expert and acted as expert witness in several legal cases in Greece and in front of International Arbitration Court.

His experience spans the areas of energy, telecommunications, shipping, new technology and construction and has led advisory assignments in Armenia, Cyprus, UK, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, FYROM, Serbia, Portugal, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia.