Gavriel Lebens Head of Israel Desk

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Gavriel founded the Israel desk and co-ordinates the service you receive globally, helping with issues when necessary and ensuring you have one focal point for all Mazars services. Gavriel spends the majority of his time on the ground in Israel, where he has developed a strong international network of Israeli companies, investors, entrepreneurs, bankers, accountants and local lawyers. He serves as a trusted partner for Israeli clients seeking guidance in non-Israeli jurisdictions where Mazars has a presence, and provides advice to non-Israeli clients on business relationships and strategic partners within Israel.

Gavriel is also involved in corporate finance work, on public and private transactions, including business disposals, acquisitions, fundraisings and valuations. Gavriel is a Chartered Accountant and an active member of our technology sector group which focuses on current and emerging issues and trends in the industry as well as developing a detailed knowledge of the sector worldwide.

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