The advantages of JA and its specific features by H3C

In France, at least two statutory auditors are required to certify the accounts of a number of entities, mainly companies required to publish consolidated accounts, credit institutions, finance companies and investment firms (subject to thresholds), and political parties and groups (subject to thresholds). Joint audit contributes to improving market openness, providing companies with a wider range of audit skills and strengthening the authority and independence of auditors vis-à-vis the entity’s management and governance. For this reason, H3C supports the extension of the French joint audit model to Europe by suggesting that it be made mandatory at the European level for significant entities.

Reference documents: H3C, the French regulator, publishes three information papers to shed light on the advantages of joint auditing and its specific features

  1. The joint audit system in France - implementation and effects (EN)
  2. The main characteristics of joint audits (FR)
  3. FAQ (FR)

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