Our Proven Experience

At Mazars, we combine international business and industry knowledge with unique insights into existing and emerging trends to offer our clients in the Banking industry preeminent services including, audit, financial advisory services, consulting, tax and regulatory and compliance advice.


Mazars is the statutory auditor of national and international banks across the globe including Attijariwafa Bank, BNP Paribas, BPCE, BNL, BEAC, Caisse des Depots, Dexia, ICBC (London), Susquehanna International Group. 

Statutory auditor of one of the largest banks in the world, BNP Paribas

Mazars is the  statutory auditor of BNP Paribas, a leading bank in the Eurozone and one of the largest bank in the world, with a presence in 78 countries and nearly 190,000 employees. Mazars provides audit services to the BNP Paris Group, 12 of its branches and more than 300 of its subsidiaries worldwide, covering 13 businesses in 35 locations.

Statutory auditor of Susquehanna International Group

Mazars has been appointed as the auditor of Susquehanna International Group (SIG) for Europe, following a competitive tender in 2013. SIG is a US Global Investment and  trading firm servicing securities markets worldwide. Mazars leads assignment delivery via Dublin where the European HQ is based, through a cross border team organization.


Mazars provides advisory services to national and international banks across the globe including Allied Irish Banks, Central Bank of Ireland, Credit Agricole, Intesa, Mediobanca, RBS, Sareb Bank, Societe Generale, Unicredit.

Skilled Person (S166) review for a large UK Bank

Mazars  performed a Skilled Person (S166) review, commissioned by the FCA; Mazars carried out enhanced due diligence (EDD) and risk assessment, monitored processes and procedures  and managed approval processes for business relationships. We provided assurance that changes required following the Financial Crime assessment by the FCA have been appropriately embedded within the Bank’s framework.

Groupe Banque Populaire du Maroc

Mazars was appointed by the Groupe Banque Populaire du Maroc to perform a financial due diligence on the Groupe Banque  Atlantique, which has a significant presence in 7 countries in West Africa. The scope of our diligence covered financial, legal, tax and IT for 10 entities present in 7 African countries including Ivory Coast, Benin, Niger, Senegal, Burkina-Faso, Mali and Togo. More than 20 professionals from Mazars’ offices in France, Ivory Cost, Senegal and Morocco were involved in this assignment, with a close coordination from the Moroccan and French teams.

On behalf of

Mazars acts on behalf of the European Commission as Monitoring Trustee for Lloyds Banking Group, West LB and Alpha Bank in Greece. We also work with the World Bank, Unicef, the Asian Development Bank and EuropeAid

Assurance – Monitoring Trustee for Alpha Bank

Mazars has been named as the Monitoring Trustee of Alpha Bank, one of the largest banks in Greece. Working under the direction of the European Commission (EC), Mazars supervises the implementation of the Bank’s restructuring plan and gives its opinion about the way their loan book is managed. Mazars is providing similar services to LBBW in Germany and Lloyds Banking group in the UK.