Mazars Aero Club

France and the Midi-Pyrénées region is one of the worldwide epicentres of the Aerospace and Defence Industry. Mazars launched its “Aero Club” in France in 2009 with the aim of delivering better business insights for A&D companies.

In its role as statutory auditor or advisor to many players in the Aerospace and Defence Industry, including both SMEs and Mid Caps, as well as large industrial groups (listed or unlisted on the stock exchange), Mazars is a passionate observer of the challenges faced by the sector and is fully committed to providing assistance to manufacturers and suppliers.

Deeply involved in the Aerospace and Defence Industry, Mazars launched its Aero Club in 2009 on the initiative of Mazars Partners in Toulouse and Paris specialising in the sector. The objective of this initiative from the beginning has been to provide richer insights to companies in this industry, which represents 180,000 workers and generated €47.9 billion in revenue last year in France.

Mazars Aero Club gathers together a diverse community of professionals dedicated to the Aerospace and Defence Industry, holding regular conferences and debates during which experts exchange on innovative trends, opportunities and best practices in the industry.

Our annual meetings:


Ramp-up in Aerospace Supply Chain : challenges that face aerospace suppliers. External speakers from Latécoère, Aviacomp, Airbus, AKKA Technologies and Figeac Aéro.


Doing business in North America: experience, feedback. External speakers from Equert International, Airbus, Latécoère, Stelia Aerospace and CCI Midi-Pyrénées.


Supply chain finance solutions: experience, feedback & expected changes. External speakers from Airbus, Association Space, EDF


Aerofund 3: €150 million dedicated to the Aerospace Industry - strengthening the capital of SME aeronautics companies. External speakers from ACE Management, Aerospace Valley, Mecachrome, Safran


Globalisation and the Aerospace Industry: low-cost and the dollar zone. External speakers from Latécoère, Aerolia, Airbus, Safran, Aerospace Valley


Redeploying activities in periods of economic downturn: concrete solutions for the Aerospace Industry. External speakers from Aerotrade, ACE Management, OSEO, CCI de Toulouse, Ubifrance, Aerospace Valley, Airbus, Boostconseil


Financing solutions for the Aerospace Industry. External speakers from Forex, CCI de Toulouse, Coface, Airbus, ACE Management, Aerospace Valley