Focus on Morocco

After years of strategic nurturing by the Moroccan government, the Aerospace industry has begun to grow wings, with around one hundred companies now active in the country.

“The country has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years and the number of companies has increased tenfold in ten years, to around one hundred today”

Kamal Mokdad, Managing Partner Mazars Morocco

Ambitious Industrial Policy

Morocco has long held ambitious plans for its Aerospace industry. These ambitions were first described in the 2005 ‘National Pact for Industrial Emergence’, an economic planning document which set out to identify the industries in which Morocco had a definite competitive advantage.

Thanks in large part to the events set in motion by the 'National Pact', Morocco can now boast a vibrant Aerospace industry with some 100 companies estimated to be operating in the country, including major manufacturers like Boeing, EADS, Safran, Bombardier and Zodiac. Today, the industry focuses on component production, sub-system assembly, and maintenance.

Most industrial production is concentrated in Casablanca, home to the Integrated Industrial Platform (Plateforme Industrielle Intégrée, P2I). This means that manufacturers can focus on their core business and benefit from assistance with their logistical and administrative procedures, as well as a choice of equipped or semi-equipped factories to rent. The free trade zone also has several tax advantages.

Education Investment Fuelling Growth

Morocco has benefited greatly from political stability, competitive labour prices and the geographical, linguistic and cultural proximity with France, where Aerospace giant Airbus and a major cluster of supporting suppliers are located. Overall, some 75% of the 350 million euros invested in the sector have come from France.

But it the long-term investments made possible by forward-thinking economic planning, notably in education, which have truly allowed the industry to take off in Morocco. Training has proven to be a decisive factor in the credibility of the products and services offered. The national plan indicates that there are currently 9,000 qualified employees, and targets 15,000 by 2015 and 23,000 by 2017.

Mazars in Morocco

Mazars’ presence in Morocco includes over 130 highly experienced team members led by 7 Partners active in Audit, Advisory and Tax services across a wide variety of sectors, including Aerospace & Defence. Local teams have worked extensively with Moroccan subsidiaries and affiliates of leading European Aerospace & Defence companies present in the country, as well as leading training centres devoted to the Aerospace sector, notably the Institut des Métiers de l'Aéronautique. Mazars also cooperates closely with GIMAS, an industry organisation created to promote investment in and the development of the country's Aerospace industry. 

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