We have a unique approach to working with our privately owned clients called Optimize that has been developed to support business owners and managers to sharpen and realign their focus on the long term business agenda.

This approach enables us to identify the key gaps in performance and positioning which need to be addressed with priority and attention in order to ensure the business is better positioned to assess challenges, cope with change, evaluate opportunities and make the right decisions.

We deliver the Optimize approach via a facilitated workshop with business owners and senior management. The workshop focuses on the fundamental drivers of business performance and long term value, covering areas such as:

In our discussion on the above areas, our objective is to sharpen and re-align focus by following these three steps:

The output from this workshop is a detailed business report which captures the key gaps, opportunities and challenges for your business and emerging actions required to increase growth, sustainability and profitability.

Once we have built a detailed understanding of your current situation and future targets, we can support you on an ongoing basis to focus on the important activities and tasks required to drive your business forward.

Our long-term support offers you an external perspective, along with the experience and technical expertise needed, to develop creative solutions to any issues that arise.

We are confident that this approach can deliver tangible benefits to you, including:

  • Clarification of personal goals and alignment with business objectives.
  • Smarter and simplified planning, management and business analysis.
  • Identification of key actions which will drive better business performance.
  • Clearer decision making.

For further information on Optimize and how we can support you, please contact us using the box to the right.

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Our Global Team

Our global team of Privately Owned Business experts understand your business and the specific considerations in local markets in addition to having a global reach and outlook.

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Mazars Business & Financial Sustainability program

The Business & Financial Sustainability program has been built around our tried and tested business planning service. It combines the longer term goals of the business with financial planning and specific crisis management objectives in order to help you navigate your business through the Covid-19 crisis.

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Strategic Business Planning

Today’s business environment can be challenging for privately owned businesses– being squeezed by disruptive start-ups on one side and large corporate heavyweights on the other. It is important to remain dynamic to compete whilst maintaining business excellence.