Notre expertise

Mazars est un groupe international qui intervient dans les métiers de l'audit, l'expertise comptable, la fiscalité et le conseil aux entreprises, dans tous les secteurs d’activités.

Notre approche intégrée, unique en son genre, nous permet de disposer de l’expertise et de l’expérience nécessaires pour aider votre entreprise à se développer. Au travers de notre excellence technique associée à un engagement fort de nos équipes, nous offrons des solutions dédiées à chaque type de structures : sociétés cotées, grandes entreprises, organismes publics, PME et particuliers.

Audit, Assurance & Reporting

We understand the importance of audit, assurance and reporting services in guaranteeing the health of your business and organization. At Mazars, we strive to provide services that are relevant, bring value to companies and to stakeholders. Our goal is to offer our clients a distinctive and authentic approach built on a fundamental belief that trust in business will foster prosperous economies, beneficial to greater society.


Mazars' Consulting services helps organisations take control by offering strategic and innovative solutions. With unprecedented levels of disruption and new regulations, we know how important it is to rely on a trusted partner. We help clients navigate through business issues, find opportunities, and most importantly – let you focus on your core business.

Financial advisory services

Notre équipe Transaction Services propose aux cédants, acquéreurs et financiers les compétences et l’expertise nécessaires pour traiter tous les aspects de leurs transactions financières : mandats de due diligence, évaluation, assistance et résolution de litiges, restructuration d’activités sous-performantes.

Accounting and Outsourcing

Is your company really focused on their core business? If past crises have taught us anything, it’s that when times are tough, companies should focus their time and energy on the things they do best – their core business. We provide a tailored service which is flexible and scalable to help you react quickly to changing market conditions or seasonal variations.


Today's global tax landscape requires companies to adapt rapidly to an ever-evolving environment. From effectively structuring your investments in other countries to managing the taxes that your business pays on a global level - companies are navigating a complex tax landscape and need to strategically balance their priorities. This means keeping up and complying with transitional domestic and international regulations and legislation. Comprehending the tax implications and creating a strategy to manage this is essential. Mazars' specialist tax advice and solutions can help you enhance tax savings and avoid risks.

Legal Services

At Mazars we understand the need of dealing with legal issues in an international environment. We offer a pragmatic and cross specialization approach to a diverse client base. We work with global owner-managed businesses and European listed companies, but also with local companies, associations and private individuals.