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Ever thought of doing business in Europe? Doing business internationally can affect your business positively, but can also have a negative impact, when not taking the right steps. Recognizing that, Mazars has established the US Tax Desk.

Mazars has helped many clients fulfil their international ambitions. Taking advice from specialists who have an understanding of European markets, regulations and practices can help make strategically important steps more successful and reduce risks.

Benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of our professionals in different European countries. The US Tax Desk assist you with:

  • Making a decision on your country and structure of choice
  • Entering the European market
  • Implementing and maintaining your European business from a tax perspective

The benefits of Mazars US Tax Desk

  • Experts in all European countries who know your business needs
  • Thanks to our integrated and international partnership, coordinated approach to service delivery and cross border support where and when you require it
  • Single point of contact and short communication lines
  • A pragmatic, pro-active, problem solving approach

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