European U.S. Tax Desk Newsletter - December 2016

Welcome to the second issue of the Mazars European U.S. Tax Desk Newsletter! These newsletters were designed to provide you with insights on current topical tax issues and discuss how they will affect you.

In this edition, our contributors from 5 European countries discuss:

  • The increasing transparency of the European tax regimes;
  • Initiatives to tackle hybrid mismatches;
  • Knowledge development IP regime;
  • Draft new legislative provisions to be introduced by the UK in April 2017;
  • Tackling of double dip structures;
  • Proposed amendments to German real estate structures;
  • New anti-avoidance legislation and increased exchange of information; and
  • Draft German legislation proposes greater flexibility in the utilisation of trading tax losses.

On behalf of the Mazars European U.S. Tax Desk, we hope you find our newsletter useful. If there are any issues you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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