Unlocking the Potential of Integrated Reporting at Generali

One of the key takeaways of integrated reporting is that non-financial information ultimately has an impact on a company’s value. It’s for this reason that insurance giant Generali – an international Group based in Italy – prefers to use the term pre-financial rather than non-financial information.

In the third edition of Collective Intelligence magazine, Massimo Romano, Head of Integrated Reporting at Generali, highlights  the link between the company’s financial performance and its wider social, environmental and economic context.

“The process has helped us all to understand what we are doing by breaking down mental silos and look at our reporting obligations in a fresh and more inventive way. A way that actually adds real value,” explains Romano.

One initiative that is helping the process is Generali’s involvement in the Integrated Reporting Insurance Network. Along with Aegon and facilitated by Mazars, the network is a forum for insurance companies and their integrated reports’ implementation.


For more insight into Generali’s experience in pursuing Integrated Reporting, please visit our Collective Intelligence blog here.

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