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Why demonstrate respect for human rights?

The benefits for companies to demonstrate greater respect for human rights are many:

  • Improved reputation risk management;  
  • Generating trust with workers, communities and suppliers through greater engagement;  
  • Reduced costs arising from fewer adverse human rights impacts;
  • Attractive to Gen Y recruits; 
  • Greater worker retention through improved culture
  • Attracting investment given the size and importance of ethical funds;

Our human rights team has in-depth experience assuring and advising large and medium companies on the issue of human rights across a wide range of sectors.

Mazars’ Human rights consulting services

Mazars can help you:

  • Train through interactive workshops of management boards and worker groups    
  • Undertake human rights due diligence 
  • Map out risks and opportunities related to human rights via a risk assessment  
  • Map and prioritise supply chain risks  
  • Design and assist in the implementation of appropriate procedures and controls to mitigate against adverse human rights impacts 
  • Assist the role of internal audit  
  • Develop a communications strategy which relays a business’s commitment to human rights and how it is addressing the risk of its impacts 
  • Preparation of Strategic Report content (UK) and Non-Financial Reporting (EU)  
  • Advise on the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

Mazars’ Human rights assurance services

At Mazars, we have designed our comprehensive, proprietary human rights methodology that won IAB international award for audit innovation. This methodology has been tailored to align with the objectives of the UNGPs and the UNGP Reporting Framework.

This methodology can be applied to both internal audit assignments as well as those for external assurance. 

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