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Richard Karmel is a Partner at Mazars UK and currently operates as the firm’s Global Head of Human Rights.

In his blog (http://www.richardkarmel.co.uk), Richard expands upon how businesses would be able to create so much more value for themselves and their stakeholders if they were to apply a human rights lens to all of their operations.

Since the unanimous endorsement in June 2011 at the United Nations of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), Richard Karmel has been working to promote their acceptance in business and the wider stakeholder community.

Richard is heading the Mazars’ global team in their participation as co-leader on the Reporting and Assurance Frameworks Initiative; a project aimed at helping companies in their understanding of how to report on their human rights performance and helping assurance providers on their assurance of that information.

Richard has recently advised multi-national companies on their understanding of the human rights impacts of their operations on their workers, suppliers and communities.  This resulted in recommendations being made to change their policies, processes and controls so as to reduce the risks of human rights abuses arising in the future.

Richard Karmel was a moderator at the 4th UN annual Forum on Business and Human Rights. The role of Corporate Reporting in the implementation of the UNGP on Human Rights.


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