Tough anti-corruption legislation with extra-territorial reach like the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act require companies to implement anti-corruption programs. Companies and their leaders must therefore put in place internal control mechanisms appropriate for the size and nature of their business, in order to address corruption risk.

Mazars, through its business lines, is committed to promoting transparency, trust and security in business. For over 15 years our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Services team has been helping companies to design, assess and continuously improve their anti-corruption programs; and for 2 years Mazars also certifies most robust anti corruption programs.

We combine a strong and comprehensive anti-bribery framework approved by international experts, and strict review methodologies in full compliance with international audit standards issued by the IFAC and the IAASB. To ensure professional conduct, independence and confidentiality, our partners and staff are subject to a very stringent legal and regulatory framework. 

We are the unique global player who covers the full anti-corruption spectrum: design and implementation of Anti-Corruption programs, diagnosis, certification and investigation.

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Forensics, litige et arbitrage

Nous menons à bien des investigations complexes et des missions en tant qu'expert comptable et financier. Cet accompagnement peut comprendre la détermination et la documentation de faits et d’événements pertinents, l’analyse et la proposition de conclusions sur l’impact d’une information financière et une assistance dans la négociation.