Over the years, the demand for reliable audits by investors has increased. Your financial information has never been so important. Providing reliable and solid financial statements and proof of internal controls to investor’s is at the centre of today’s business. As providers of a service with a raison d’être to protect the public interest, we take our role in providing trustworthy audits to heart.

As involved practitioners, we have created a working culture dedicated to…

  • The public interest, and to the relevant interest of investors in companies large and small
  • The value of independent audits
  • The performance of relevant audits, by promoting innovative technology capable of fostering the best audit approaches and results, consistently dedicated to excellence to our clients services
  • The development of up-to-date assurance offerings that enhances the real drivers of company value
  • The stewardship of a unique business the offers an alternative in the global audit and assurance market

What we offer our clients in this ever-evolving economic context


From big to small organisations, at Mazars our unique and integrated structure allows us the agility to put together cross-border teams under the oversight of a single responsible partner. By providing you with one primary contact, we aim to establish effective working relationships based on mutual trust and respect with key stakeholders within your organisation.


Our technical excellence and expert know-how have been key factors in the development of our activities. Our teams are organised by sectors and expertises, allowing us to have an array of expertise and knowledge put to the advantage of your business or organisation. At Mazars, we strive to master your issues (strategic, operational and financial), anticipate your future challenges, and establish a long-term and hassle-free working relationship founded on consistent communication and trust.

International Outreach

Our services is guaranteed by our 18,000 employees in 79 countries who have experiences with listed companies, SMEs, public entities, and owner managed businesses around the world.

Innovative Mindset

Though we guarantee our services are adapted to new technologies offered today, we still keep an eye on the horizon to better anticipate Tomorrow’s Audits. We live in a evolving world, and our goal is to stay current, asses new technologies, and determine how such advances could bring more quality and efficiency to our audit approach. Just recently, we organized a Hackathon (link to Hackaton page) gathering representatives of tech start-ups, academics, Mazars’ clients and professionals, representing a wide range of stakeholders for the audit business. Participants worked in mixed groups to pinpoint some of the biggest challenges ahead and suggested creative solutions with the overall aim of disrupting audit to meet stakeholders’ requirements.

Comprehensive Insight

Be it sector, or service expertise, our partners and teams are kept up to date on the latest developments that could impact your business. We are here to ensure that you stay informed of new regulations, standards, trends, sector developments, and new technologies that will affect your business activities, so you could make timely decisions when it counts.

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