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The strength of our key client portfolio demonstrates our exceptional technical strength, credentials and commercial awareness. This expertise will be the cornerstone of our future relationship with you.

Business stories and references

1. Fortune 500

We serve 75 Fortune 500 companies based in +10 different countries and from various sectors.

  • Energy: We assisted a major oil & gas player in Tunisia in reconstituting their full accounting for two years in the past under a very tight timeline
  • Food & Beverage: Our client is a leading fast food chain looking for a global provider of accounting and outsourcing services for his Brazilian operations. The volume of documents and level of complexity of the fiscal activities involved demanded a complete remodeling of the process.

2. Unicorns

Based on working with a number of unicorn companies, we have developed a specific “light accounting” service.

  • Tourism: Our client is a global online community platform. To support its rapid growth, we provide our client with global accounting and outsourcing services in +20 countries. Their CFO said: “we were convinced by Mazars’ capacity to work in a truly integrated fashion at international level, while still ensuring we have centralised control with a single point of contact.”
  • Hospitality & Leisure: Our client is a “disruptive” player in the tourism industry. Mazars in Korea, Japan and India provide outsourcing services to this client. Mazars also provides advisory and tax services in various countries including Brazil, Denmark, France, and Spain.

3. Cross-border assignments

Over 50% of our international assignments are “multi-site”.

  • Manufacturing: we provide accounting and other outsourced services including HR, payroll and administrative services to the global leading manufacturer of pneumatics on an international level.
  • Technology: our client is a global leader in network security products and services listed on Nasdaq. We provide accounting and tax services in more than 20 countries.

4. Business expansion support in Asia-Pacific

25% of our international projects are located in Asia-Pacific. Our clients benefit from our well-established presence and long experience with regulators in the region.

  • Luxury: our client is a luxury goods brand who wanted to expand into Asia and planned to open flagship stores in China. We initially helped him to prepare for all the challenges that could face a newly-established retail outlet in China. We also provided bookkeeping, payroll and tax compliance services
  • Transport & Logistic: our client is a global leader in air transport based in Europe and serving +100 countries worldwide. Mazars in Korea has been chosen to provide payroll services, issuing +1,500 payslips a year.

5. Subsidiaries of US-based firms

20% of our international assignments come from US-based companies having extensive presence worldwide.

  • Media: our client is an American global mass media company among the Top10 world’s largest Broadcasting and Cable Company in terms of revenue. Mazars in Hungary provides the client with interim, temporary accounting support in a Shared Services Center.
  • Financial Services: our client is an American multinational financial services corporation. The company is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Mazars in Brazil provides Accounting and Outsourcing services to the client, including payroll and bookkeeping.

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