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Mazars International Tax Conference 2017

Mazars, in collaboration with King’s College London, were pleased to hold Mazars 6th Annual International Taxation Conference exploring how the business landscape internationally has been shaped by the tax changes resulting from BEPS, US tax reform and BREXIT.

Transforming water & wastewater

Today, we are lucky to have Léon Patrick Zerbib, US Partner at Mazars Zettafox, with us to shed some light on Zettafox’s solutions and technology, the services offered, and the value for our sectors and clients, particularly water utilities.

How China is transforming shared mobility?

As a densely populated country, China’s enthusiasm for shared mobility is undoubtedly fuelled by necessity. But China’s involvement in EV and wider sustainable mobility developments so far, means it is not only putting its own stamp on future solutions but is also intent on leading the way.