The financial reporting of listed real estate companies in Europe – 2016 edition

2015 remains a very good year in terms of financial performance for listed real estate companies in Europe, which have benefited amply from the low rate context to reduce the cost of their borrowings.

For this 6th edition, we have analysed the positioning of a sample of listed real estate companies and their use of key performance indicators. We have also examined the ways they report on their asset portfolios and their financing strategies. 

A very good year for the listed real estate companies 

In 2014, reporting in the sector was driven by investments, disposals and large-scale operations carried out in the retail sector. It was a record year for the real estate market in France, with €24 billion euro invested, a level that was not achieved since 2006 and 2007.

2015 saw a similar picture, with investments totaling more than €23 billion.

For 2016, specialists predict that investment will top €20 billion again.The compression in interest rates automatically increases the fair value of the asset portfolio.

The challenges of goodwill accounting 

This edition also contains a study of a topical subject: the challenges posed by the recognition of goodwill against a background of market concentration for listed real estate companies.

An original subject reflecting the current trend in the SIIC market towards a reduction in thenumber of players as real estate companies go in search of critical mass, value creation and synergies.Will this trend towards concentration continue?

To find out more download our study below. 

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