"Virtuous" models of urban logistics in Ile-de-France

The issue of sustainable urban logistics is increasingly being taken up by local authorities. Mazars was mandated by a French regional government to accompany them as they sought to develop "virtuous" models of urban logistics.


The need to boost the competitiveness and attractiveness of urban areas by revitalising city centres and, more recently, the development of e-commerce, are pushing local governments to take a closer look at the topic of urban logistics. Although it is not part of its mandatory responsibilities, France’s Ile-de-France region recently took up the issue of freight and merchandise transportation. Last-mile logistics requires the mobilisation of multiple stakeholders (transporters, logistics providers, local authorities and other local actors). 


Over the past several years, the Ile-de-France region has developed an overarching strategy based on the ecological and social transformation of its policies. It has thus fixed the objective of accompanying actors in this metamorphosis and has made urban logistics a structuring dimension of urban planning, well-being in an urban setting and the economic development of its territory. Mazars’ experts were called upon in order to accompany local authorities in their search for a virtuous model of urban logistics and the operational implementation of this model within the territory of the region. 


The Mazars teams accompanied the Ile-de-France region in its search for logistics services specific to the region through the undertaking of real projects. All stakeholders were involved in the process of developing tailored solutions: transport and logistics actors, local authorities, residents…. Mazars’ expertise, both from the point of view of local authorities and transport and logistics actors, allowed for the emergence of a favourable dynamic that facilitated the convergence of interests around common solutions. Shippers, transporters and logistics providers thus had every interest in fulfilling their role as genuine actors in the city. This inclusive approach ensures the sustainability and viability of the proposals that emerged. 

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