Addressing the Top 5 challenges in Oil & Gas with Mazars' bespoke solutions

With our solid experience in this sector and support from a global and multidisciplinary team of experts across Audit, Tax and Advisory Services, Mazars’ Oil & Gas practice is in an excellent position to help companies successfully rise to the challenges posed by the industry.

Accessing reserves

  • Reviewing and assessing business case
  • Completing and assuring valuation and data modelling
  • Financial, legal and tax support for the establishment of subsidiaries in growing markets, taking local specificities into account

Managing Capital Projects

  • Reviewing and challenging business case assumptions and approaches
  • Analysing project performance and establishing KPIs
  • Assistance in project finance and infrastructure (Public Private Partnerships)

Improving performance from an operational & Tax perspective

  • Optimizing cash management and working capital requirements (WCR)
  • Optimizing supply chain processes from both tax and operational performance perspectives
  • Standardizing project management processes and implementing shared service centres (SSC)
  • Optimising your international structure, in particular given the OECD BEPS initiative and additional substance requirements
  • Tailor-made advice (including opinions and rulings) in the field of state profit tax, tonnage tax, tax incentives for energy efficient and environment improving assets etc.

Rethinking business strategy and portfolio

  • Financial advisory (capital increase, initial public offering, etc.)
  • External growth and strategic partnership assistance and advisory (M&A, due diligence, etc.)
  • Assistance for the disposal of non-strategic assets and business restructuring
  • Assisting you with structuring projects (joint ventures, permanent establishment issues etc.)

Ensuring Tax, Legal and regulatory compliance

  • Assisting with global tax compliance requirements and setting up a tax control framework
  • Assisting you with tax litigation, tax discussions, negotiations with tax authorities in relation to tax assessments, obtaining tax rulings, etc.
  • Implementing or improving anti-corruption policies in line with the legal/regulatory frameworks
  • Providing SOX guidance and documentation resources
  • Consulting in CSR and sustainable/environmental regulation: operational implementation, reporting and "green" accounting.  

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Proven experience

We have extensive experience in the up-, mid- and downstream market and in the fields of transshipment, refineries, storage tanks, wholesalers, transportation (agents, shipping agents and shippers), ship building companies and ship repair companies, trading companies and trading houses, and many other Oil & Gas, offshore-related and other port-related activities.

Case studies

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CGG's Anti-Corruption Certification

Faced with an increasingly complex and rigorous legal and regulatory environment, including overlapping regional and multilateral conventions, national and international laws, standards, guidance and more, as well as heavier penalties, the risk of corruption has become a major issue for companies. Significantly exposed due to its business activity, CGG, a French-based geophysical services and equipment company, contacted Mazars to review its Anti-Corruption Program.

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Cost oil audit

Niger has a long history of petroleum exploration dating back to the 1970's. In 2011, the petroleum industry of Niger was officially recognized with the opening of the country's first refinery in Zinder. Since 2012, exploration has intensified with production-sharing contracts signed with international firms. The Government of the Republic of Niger mandated Mazars to perform a cost oil audit in order to verify compliance with the Petroleum Code of the Republic of Niger, the Joint Operating Agreement and the Production Sharing Agreements defined with one of its private operator.