Sustainable finance: preparing for radical change

There is increasing recognition that climate change and other ESG risks jeopardise the world’s economy and financial system. Financial institutions need to find the right balance between managing these risks and seizing the opportunities generated by the transition to a more sustainable world. They have a key role to play towards the reorientation of capital flows, the mitigation of risks and the financing of innovation to facilitate the energy transition and the long-term adaptation.

At Mazars, we are committed to helping our clients in the public and private sector implement the changes necessary to meet their sustainable development goals. We can support financial institutions navigating the complex risks and make the most of opportunities emerging from sustainability and climate change.

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We believe performance and responsibility go hand in hand and that businesses play a major role in the future of our economies and society. Exemplary corporate citizens, able to think and act long-term, make for healthier communities. Our sustainability services have been designed to help all organisations achieve responsible and long-term growth, under increasing public scrutiny and in the face of new and potentially threatening challenges.