Mazars 2017 U.S. Water Industry Outlook

Mazars recently launched the 2017 US Water Industry Outlook - the fourth edition. We are pleased to continue contributing to the ongoing water debate and providing education surrounding this field.

The study takes a deep dive into perspectives of different stakeholders in the industry, including water and wastewater systems and operations management, procurement or other support for water and wastewater companies, and government regulators. We trust that you will find the perspectives insightful.


We are thankful for receiving the support from a well-balanced survey panel composed of 1/3 of top executives; 2/3 of senior managers and middle management. We are also pleased to present interviews of a panel of high-profile experts who deal with the most critical subjects of today’s water business and who envision the future of this sector, three of whom are water industry leaders and the other our cybersecurity expert.

4 key areas of expertise

This year’s operational Innovation section focuses on energy efficiency and cybersecurity, due to feedback on last year’s survey, which highlighted these areas as major priorities for the industry.                                                                 


We’ve already acknowledged in our past study that energy efficiency is one of the most important factors for improving service quality. It advances water treatment technologies as the top factor in bringing benefits to the water industry.


American Water Works Association shares, “Cybersecurity is considered as the top threat facing business and cri cal infrastructure in the United States, according to reports and testimony from the Director of National Intelligence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security.”


Water infrastructure investment was the top priority in the AWWA’s letter to the President the United States. Infrastructure aging has continued to be a top concern among our survey respondents each year, and we have noticed a negative trend in the remaining useful life of infrastructure in 2016, compared to results in previous surveys.

Future of the Industry

The 2016 survey’s results make clear that future discussions about issues and challenges in water supply must include proper planning and risk management. Analysis and planning will be critical to the industry’s success.

Download the 2017 Water Study Outlook

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