Development of a legal risk management framework for a multinational retail group

One of our clients is a major actor in the retail market. Risk management is crucial to their business, since they are present in numerous countries around the world at the center of the producer/consumer value chain. They already had a structured legal team and a Risk and Compliance Department equipped with tools and indicators.


Our client wanted to go even further in securing their risk management activities. Mazars was asked to advise the management of the legal team at the group and country level, design a tool that would help anticipate legal changes, improve prevention efforts and raise awareness among frontline employees to participate in internal control activities.


Relying on their proven expertise in risk management, Mazars’ teams followed an intervention methodology consisting of ten steps grouped into three phases:

  • The identification of risks and the development of a framework proposal identifying all legal risks,
  • The design and conception of a legal risk management system and the definition of an operational deployment strategy for the system,
  • The synthesis and restitution of data adapted to the needs of the stakeholders.


Mazars has developed a pragmatic and tailor-made solution for the client’s problem: a framework proposal containing 140 legal risks, a synthetic mapping of the processes integrated with the reference document, an evaluation system built around seven fundamental criteria and a practical tool ready for deployment with on-demand capabilities.