Our expertise in luxury

Mazars has extensive expertise within the luxury sector. Our deep industry knowledge and collaborative, hands-on approach allows us to achieve enduring results for our clients. We work alongside leading luxury players to develop and implement practical solutions to address their toughest challenges.

Challenges for a shifting industry

Contrary to the generally bleak European economy, one industry has flourished: luxury goods. Emerging markets play a huge role in the success of this sector, with Asia, the Middle East and Brazil contributing the most. While the industry faces many challenges from internationalisation, multi-channel distribution and brand management, Mazars can help by bringing the right level of detailed consumer insight to drive growth.

We believe four key factors are of prime importance to the sector, including:

  • Seizing market opportunities | Enhancing your market presence,
  • Preserving and enhancing the value of your brand,
  • Securing your operations | Managing your risks,
  • Improving your performance.

"All around the world, Mazars has already developed relevant tools and practices in line with the Luxury industries’ needs and expectations"

Isabelle Massa

Our expertise within the luxury industry

We work with a wide range of luxury brands in addressing business challenges, including performance improvement, supply chain management and sourcing strategy. Taking advantage of our deep experience and multidisciplinary expertise, we provide personalised, hands-on services to our clients.

Seizing market opportunities | Enhancing your market presence

  • Identify new partnerships and acquisitions as a means of developing your company, product range or international presence;
  • Succeed in your development and acquisition projects;
  • Establish businesses or extend footprint into emerging and growth markets such as China, India, Russia and Brazil, taking local specificities into account.

Preserving and enhancing the value of your brand

  • Estimate the value of your brand in the event of a financial transaction (sale, acquisition, contribution) or to meet accounting requirements (valuation of assets acquired (PPA), impairment testing);
  • Estimate the loss in terms of brand image in case of fraudulent use of your brand;
  • Support the preservation of your brand’s legacy.

Increasing your performance

  • Secure and optimise your supply chain;
  • Manage and optimise your transfer pricing policies and procedures;
  • Optimise the tax consequences of intragroup transactions;
  • Adapt your organisation in order to meet new ethical requirements, monitor and mitigate social and environmental risks: Environment, Health & Safety, Corporate & Social Responsibility, Organisation and Research.

Securing your operations | Managing your risks

  • Assess the quality of your service providers;
  • Reinforce control over distribution network;
  • Implement or reinforce anti-corruption compliance program;
  • Improve currency risk management strategies;
  • Defend financial interests in the context of disputes or litigations;
  • Protect reputation and  value creation potential by designing a corporate human rights strategy.