Our Global Water Practice

At Mazars, we aim to be an active stakeholder in the water community by constantly striving towards advancing sustainable water solutions and surmounting the challenges in the global water market.

We intend to assist water clients with their most significant challenges to help them achieve compliance, risk mitigation, sustainability, innovation, efficiencies, growth and returns on capital.

A new global water context

Water is the most critical resource and its management is the fundamental challenge of our planet and its population in the 21st century as global demand will soar and supplies will become at least regionally scarcer. The challenge is global and it will affect every single individual and company in some fashion in the next 20 to 30 years.

Sources: CDP , UN  and WWF

Tailored Services

The world today is facing increasingly acute water problems. We identify these TOP 5 challenges that any active stakeholder in the water related business would face, and offer our tailored services to surmount there challenges.

  • Audit & Tax: We don’t only provide a recognized signature but also act as a trusted advisor in auditing, accounting, and tax services.
  • Limit risk: We have Global & Multi-disciplinary teams in Internal controls, risk management, cybersecurity and information technology expertise
  • Boost performance: We help set up best practices in public and private sectors on strategy, process improvement, and systems implementation
  • Adapt financial strategy: We customize financial advisory services that adapt to corporate and infrastructure finance needs
  • Accelerate innovation: We support and advise new ventures so they can concentrate their energy on innovation itself.
  • Be responsible & sustainable: We integrate sustainability into business your day-to-day operations by monitoring, innovating, advising & reporting