Client webinar: African banks and Covid-19 [replay]

22/04/2020 In the context of Covid-19, Mazars was moderating a web conference, held in French, organised by I-conférences with a number of experts to discuss potential impacts of the current crisis on banks in Africa and ways digitalisation could support their operations.


As financial institutions are the first lines of defence to fight the economic disruption of Covid-19, it is a strategic priority to maintain their operations in this crisis.  

Moderated by Mazars banking expert Zied Loukil, this web conference aims to anticipate the possible impacts of the pandemic on African banks and the mechanisms that could mitigate them, as well as the role of technology and digitalisation to keep them functioning.   

This webinar is part of the "Digital Africa Live” webinar series, launched by I-Conférences , and will feature a panel of African banking experts. 

Please note that the webinar was held in French.