Central Eastern European Tax Brochure 2016

Mazars Group published its third regional tax survey, which presents snapshots and comparative charts of the tax system of 19 CEE countries.

This brochure presenting 19 countries' taxation systems, based on information from the Mazars offices around the region is designed to help to compare the different tax regimes. The goal of this publication is not only to inform about these systems, but also to facilitate the thinking about taxation of foreign investors in this region. 

The survey presenting 19 countries, covers the corporate taxes and other direct taxes, as well as the indirect taxation. In this third edition we put a comparable table about transfer pricing in the mentioned countries. The brochure also provides the opportunity for comparison about tax rates, as well as of the rates of labour-related costs as compared to the net salary.

This year 4 more additional countries are also represented in the material, such as Albania, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

We hope and trust that our readers will find this summary useful and inspiring.

To download the whole brochure:

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