Enquêtes et études

Vous trouverez ici les enquêtes et les études de Mazars.

Blazing the Trail Outlook 2016

In 2015, Mazars conducted a follow-up study ‘Blazing the Trail Outlook 2016’. The study not only aimed at providing an update of key financial indicators of the two suppliers groups (France and Germany), but also provided more insights of the key future trends in the automotive industry.

2016 US Food & Beverage Industry Study

The Mazars USA LLP 2016 Food & Beverage Industry Study was conducted earlier this year in order to gain answers to critical industry questions. Industry leaders and decision makers were asked to help define industry concerns and uncover industry trends.

Afrique : les nouvelles voies de l’innovation

Propulsée par l’entrepreneuriat et l’innovation, l’Afrique connaît aujourd’hui une transformation décisive qui va en s’accélérant. En favorisant l’accès à des idées, des savoirs et des technologies, la révolution digitale a servi de catalyseur à l’innovation en Afrique.

2016 Study : How are major European construction groups performing ?

It is obvious that 2015 marked a slight recovery for our sample of major construction groups with an upturn in business and improved operating margins. Growth continues at both sectoral and geographic levels, with a boost in the energy and services sector and growth in business outside of Europe. However, companies are still affected by developments in their domestic markets, as can be seen in France, where construction groups are impacted by a still-sluggish home market.

The financial communication of insurance groups: focus on Solvency II

Over the years, financial communication has become an essential aspect of promoting the activities of large insurance groups. The exercise has particular salience this year with the arrival of the European Solvency II Directive, introducing far-reaching changes in the matter of capital requirements and risk management. Against this background, we have taken a closer look at the information available on Solvency II, the major issue in financial communication in 2015.

Etre un leader africain aujourd’hui…et demain

L’étude conduite par Mazars et Morgan Philips, et dont les résultats sont dévoilés au cours de l’édition 2016 de l’Africa CEO Forum, identifie à la fois les facteurs clés du succès des dirigeants africains d’aujourd’hui, et les attentes et le potentiel de jeunes générations prometteuses.