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Cette page regroupe tous les guides Doing Business disponibles à date dans les pays où Mazars est présent. Ces publications ont pour but de présenter Mazars aux investisseurs qui souhaitent faire affaire à l’étranger.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez une question concernant ces publications, nous serons ravis de vous fournir des informations complémentaires. 

Doing business in Hong Kong 2017

As a leading global finance center and a historically open economy, it’s worth remembering that Hong Kong has been a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since 1997. But Hong Kong enjoys great autonomy from the mainland, and the city has retained its reputation for ease of doing business and free trade. It frequently attracts the attention of foreign investors looking for a foothold in the Asian market.

As an important banking and financial center in the Asia pacific region, Hong Kong Stock Exchange ranks the fourth in Asia and the eighth in the world in terms of market capitalization. In 2016, Hong Kong again raised more IPO funds than any other stock market worldwide.

Setting up in France: a practical guide

This practical 2017 guide explains the main legal, accounting, payroll and taxation regulations for companies considering to do business in France. It has been prepared especially for international groups who would like to invest in France, where more than 20,000 foreign companies are already established, running businesses under many different legal forms.

Doing Business Guide in Australia 2016-2017

This guide is a comprehensive tool which will assist in navigating through the legal, tax and accounting environment in Australia and providing insight as to how best capitalise on the opportunities offered by the Australian market.

Doing Business in Singapore

Considering Singapore as a potential location for your business is a smart choice. In 2016, Singapore has once again been ranked as No.1 in the world for its ease of doing business for its 10th consecutive year by The World Bank.

Doing Business in République Tchèque

« S'implanter en République Tchèque » est un document qui vise à faciliter l’exploration et la recherche des occasions d’affaires pour les personnes désirant investir ou se lancer en affaire en République Tchèque . Ce document présente, de manière générale, les différents aspects des pratiques et méthodes d’affaires caractérisant la République Tchèque.

Doing Business in Scandinavia 2015 2016

Anybody who purchases Auditing, Advisory, Tax and Accounting services is looking for something specialized. Many clients consider Scandinavia as one region and we can offer you a Scandinavian solution. In Scandinavia, we share history and culture and we also communicate in our native languages across borders.