Global Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2014

The 2014 Global Automotive Aftermarket Summit is a groundbreaking event which explores the relationship between the European and Chinese automotive industries. The event focused on the potential to redefine stable and sustainable growth.

“This successful venture is clearly worth repeating as the value of this kind of event can hardly be underestimated”

Harald Nikutta

Simultaneously in Frankfurt, Beijing and Shanghai: the Global Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2014 was hosted by MAZARS on February 24, 2014. This event was an opportunity to demonstrate how to work towards connecting two of the world’s largest economies. The event’s agenda included a focus on exploring the relationship between the European and Chinese automotive industries, with a clear emphasis on potential and sustainable growth. Our keynote speeches, delivered by distinguished government officials, senior industry executives and influencers from China and Germany, revealed and promoted business opportunities. The combination of global thinking, international communication and specific insights into new growth markets was commonly understood as the core value proposition of the event. 

In cooperation with ORRO.CO, MAZARS connected more than 60 participants in Germany and China via videoconferencing. Participants left the event with practical advice and working tools to apply in their day-to-day business.

Agenda and event speakers

  • Welcoming & Opening Remarks | Harald Nikutta, MAZARS & Christopher Römer, Managing Director ORRO.Co. Ltd., Executive Diector PNSEEK (HK) Co. Ltd. & Chairman CEIBS Alumni Association Europe
  • Blazing the trail - Current Trends in the Automotive Industry | Roland Schwientek, Head of Automotive in Germany, Managing Director, MAZARS Consulting 
  • Current state of Aftermarket in China | Christopher Römer, Executive Director, PNSEEK (HK) Co. Ltd. 
  • Innovative Trading Eco-system | John Wayne, Founder of PNSEEK 
  • Chinese Investment in Germany | She Weihua, Consul, Chinese Consulate Frankfurt, Economic & Commercial Section 
  • The global Aftermarket in 2014 | Jens Hähn, VP Aftermarkets, Mann + Hummel
  • European Union Legislation Impacts | Thorsten Schneider, Head of Aftermarkets, VDA (German Automotive Industry Association) 
  • Market Entry Strategies | speakers from M+H, Stahlgruber, Bosch, Mahle 
  • European Aftermarket | Hartmut Röhl, President, FIGIEFA (European Automotive Aftermarket Distributors Association)
  • Closing Remarks | Eric Xu, CEO Timer & General Secretary CEIBS Alumni Automotive Club 

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Blazing the Trail

In 2012, three groups of countries represented 90% of total turnover for automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Germany and France lead this group, followed closely by Japan and South Korea and, lastly, the United States. Through analysis of financial reports and interviews with key decision makers from the automotive industry, Mazars investigated the factors driving performance of these two automotive leaders.

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